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Italian Vocabulary Notebook

Italian Vocabulary Notebook

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Boost your Italian vocabulary with this handy notebook!

Imagine savouring a meal at your favourite Italian restaurant, strolling through the charming streets of Sorrento, standing at a gelateria pondering your perfect flavour... and suddenly, you stumble upon a brand-new Italian word you've never encountered before.

You want to capture that word, and ensure you can recall it in the future, when needed. That's precisely what this notebook is designed for!

It's a nifty little tool where you can jot down all those great new Italian words you come across. Plus, It’s small enough to carry in your bag, so you can also use it on-the-move, as well as when cozy at home. Use this notebook to:

  • Write down new words in both Italian and English - this will help you to understand that word correctly and remember it more easily later.
  • Create example sentences using some newly learned Italian words. This way, you can practice your language skills in context and reinforce your understanding with every sentence you compose.
  • Easily find and revisit Italian words starting with a specific letter, thanks to the innovative layout in alphabetical order.
  • Have fun with those sneaky Italian-English false friends. These tricky words may look similar but carry entirely different meanings in each language. By making a note of them, you'll dodge potential slip-ups and give your language skills an extra boost.

Whether you're a beginner, running into an Italian friend, or an advanced learner engrossed in a Tuscan novel, this notebook will be your trusted companion on your language journey.

And if you play with any of my Puzzle Books and fall in love with a new Italian word you discover, this is the place where you can record it!

Organize your learning, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy the beauty of the Italian language with every page you fill.

Italian Vocabulary Notebook

Paperback 104 pages
Dimensions 13.34 x 20.32 x 0.6 cm
Weight 140g
ISBN 978-0992880750
Publication date 2 October 2023
Publisher ESSENZA Publishing


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