Who's behind Play Italian?


That's me: Martina Munzittu

Martina - founder of Play Italian websites, with plenty of Italian puzzles and games

I am a native Italian from the picturesque island of Sardinia and my aspiration is to help people who are learning Italian have a fun, engaging, and memorable experience.

Armed with my love for foreign languages and my unwavering commitment to infusing joy into the learning process, I founded Play Italian – a one-of-a-kind learning platform dedicated to language enthusiasts who yearn for a fresh, enjoyable approach to mastering Italian.

As an expat living in the UK, I know first hand the challenges of learning a foreign language. I also understand that traditional methods can often leave students feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. That's why I developed an innovative concept that seamlessly blends learning with play.

Play Italian is the brainchild of this vision, offering a treasure trove of free, downloadable puzzles, and games for you to print, solve, and enjoy at home, as well as an array of online challenges for an engaging learning experience.

My mission?  Making language learning fun. As you immerse yourself in each game, you'll effortlessly absorb new Italian vocabulary, while also reinforcing words you may have learned before. By integrating the words within a specific context, I have designed a learning environment that makes it easier for you to remember and apply your newly-acquired knowledge.

But I didn't stop there. I went above and beyond to ensure a comprehensive, well-rounded learning experience by grouping these puzzles into themed books.

Ti va di imparare e giocare? Join the Play Italian community, where learning Italian becomes a joyful journey filled with playful challenges, rewarding progress, and countless moments of linguistic triumph. Your Italian language adventure awaits – let's play!