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Vol. 1 - Travel to Italy - Learn Italian with Puzzles

Vol. 1 - Travel to Italy - Learn Italian with Puzzles

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Have fun learning Italian vocabulary with this puzzle book!

Travel to Italy is the first in a series of puzzle books aimed at Italian language students, who are between beginner and intermediate level. The book offers 100 puzzles for picking up new vocabulary around the theme of travel.

It’s unlike any other Italian language learning resource out there!

Don’t miss out on your chance to:

Experience the joy of learning through play – Our brains are wired to learn faster when we're enjoying ourselves, and this puzzle book has been specifically designed with that in mind. The result? A language learning experience that feels more like playtime than study time!

Play with 100 puzzles tailored for more than one skill level – With a wide range of puzzles, you'll discover new words related to travel, airport, car rentals, hotels, museums, and so much more. Many puzzles come with an easier and a more difficult version, so you can confidently tackle challenges that suit your ability.

Get a taste of authentic Italian culture – Travel to Italy isn't just about learning the language – it's about experiencing the rich cultural tapestry that makes Italy so special. As you solve puzzles, you'll also discover cultural gems that will make your future Italian adventures even more memorable.

What you'll find inside:

  • 28 word searches - Great for building a strong vocabulary foundation.
  • 18 freeform crosswords - Challenge yourself with clues in Italian, or get a little help with clues in English.
  • 12 word fit puzzles - Learn new words and enhance your mental agility.
  • 20 word matches – Test your knowledge by connecting the right words.
  • 10 word scrambles -Unravel scrambled words to reinforce your learning.
  • 12 cryptograms- Decipher quotes from famous people and become a language sleuth. 

With complete solutions available at the back of the book (no cheating, though!), you'll never feel lost or frustrated.

Is this book right for you? Vediamo…

  • You have already started learning Italian and are looking for something extra to complement your studies;
  • You enjoy the challenge of looking up words you don't know in a dictionary, and adding to your vocabulary;
  • You just love doing puzzles and happen to be in love with the Italian language too.

If that sounds like you, this book may be your perfect Italian companion.

Please note: If you’ve just started to learn Italian, you may find some of the puzzles too challenging. If that’s the case, you may want to come back to this book later, once you feel you have made some progress.

Still not sure if this is for you?
The puzzles in this book are similar in style to those I have on my Play Italian website. You can try some free puzzles here and see how you get on.

Book 1 of the Series Learn Italian with Puzzles  

Paperback 168 pages
Dimensions US Letter - 21.59 x 0.97 x 27.94 cm
Weight 434g
ISBN 9780992880736
Publication date 9 January 2023
Publisher ESSENZA Publishing
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